Help system for bus maintenance

Financed by:

ministerio economia

File number: RTC-2015-3419-4

Program: Retos Colaboración


  • Tcman

  • Ceit-IK4

  • Dbus


The general objective of this project is the design and development of a new product that exceeds the benefits of those currently available on the market. Specifically, the aim is to reduce the maintenance costs of the bus fleets by optimizing the existing work methods through the use of new technologies. After validation of the project, it is intended to demonstrate that the newly developed system reduces maintenance times by 10%. To this end, TCMAN has carried out a detailed market analysis and defined the elements that are considered innovative and that the market is willing to pay for.

To achieve the objective of the project, it is contemplated to develop a new product that will incorporate new technologies in a TCMAN product implanted and used on a daily basis at DBUS. The new product will help in the most intuitive way possible in the maintenance operations carried out by the operators in the bus fleet.

The type of solutions that will be developed fall within the most innovative technologies in the area of ​​mobility, information systems, artificial vision, augmented reality and voice processing. A final validation phase is also contemplated before its introduction on the market, avoiding the pure development of prototypes.

Ceit's role in the project

Ceit’s tasks are mainly to develop the augmented reality tool to assist operators in the maintenance of the bus fleet.



Diego Borro

Diego Borro

Email: dborro@ceit.es