Cyber-physicist Systems to promote Small and Medium Manufacturing Companies in the Basque Country


Financed by:

Eusko Jaurlaritza

File reference number: CPS4SME

Program: Etorgai 2015


  • AFM

  • Ceit-IK4

  • IK4-Ideko

  • IK4-Ikerlan

  • Danobatgroup

  • Ekin

  • Ona EDM

  • Mondragón Assembly



  • MYL


  • ABC










  • Industrias Gol

  • Ingeteam


The Etorgai CPS4SME project seeks to open the doors of Basque small and medium-sized companies to the 4.0 revolution, developing a new generation of ICT-based cyber-physical systems and tools to improve their competitiveness in a global market. The project will involve the development of ten cyber-physical systems (CPS) and elements based on ICTs adjusted to the demands of the 19 SMEs that make up the consortium.

Among the consortium participants there are machine tool manufacturers such as DANOBATGROUP, EKIN, ONA EDM and MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY, whose concerns are focused on introducing new integrated systems in their machines that improve the productivity of the process and that provide added value to their product.

There are also machine component manufacturers such as SIKULAN, LANTIER, MYL, OBEKI, ABC, AMOPACK, GOIZPER, EKIDE and COMETEL. This group aims to obtain more information on the operation of their products within the machines and to process this information appropriately to optimally plan maintenance and make improvements in future versions of their equipment.

And also complete the group, machining companies, LAGUN ARTEA, GOIMEK, ETXEPE, LEGUTILAN, AEROMEC and GOL, interested in developing new technical solutions that allow them to solve the technical problems they currently face in machining processes.

The consortium also has the INGETEAM company that will modify and adapt its INGESYS IC3 controller to be used as the brain of the different cyber-physical systems to be developed.

AFM, the Spanish Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers will lead the project, carrying out coordination tasks and ensuring that the results of the project have the greatest possible impact on manufacturing SMEs in the Basque Country.

Ceit's role in the project

Ceit's participation focuses on three main tasks:

  1. AvanSAT: This task focuses on the development of a new platform that allows the development of tools for efficient communication between remote computers. This tool responds to a need expressed by many of the companies in the consortium that, until now, needed to send part of their staff to their equipment's installations abroad, with the consequent financial and time expense.AvanSAT proposes a multi-channel, multi-camera and multi-person communication tool based on standard technologies and Web platforms. In addition to the usual functionalities, other more specialized ones are included, such as support for Augmented Reality and remote control of equipment.

  2. RA: Simultaneously with the AvanSAT tool, work has been done to advance the artificial vision algorithms necessary to support tools such as AvanSAT. Different techniques for tracking objects and cameras (SLAM) have been studied and analyzed and the requirements for their integration into a tool such as AvanSAT have been studied.

  3. VISTAMP: Lastly, Ceit participates in the development of the VISTAMP task. This tool enables efficient management of quality inspections by means of a dimensional control machine based on artificial vision. Unlike most systems of this type that are designed to inspect a single product reference, VISTAMP is designed to allow the easy management of multiple references, including the management and interactive edition of the dimensions to be measured.



Iker Aguinaga

Iker Aguinaga

Email: iaguinaga@ceit.es