Microfluidics and data analytics for personalized treatments in oncology

Financed by: Eusko Jaurlaritza–Basque Government

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  • Ceit-IK4

  • Biopraxis Research AIE

  • CIC bioGUNE

  • Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Biodonostia (IIS Biodonostia)

  • Universidad de Deusto


The Microfluidics and Data Analytics for the Creation of a Support System for Personalized Treatment in Oncology (MIFLUDAN) project aims to develop a testing platform that is based on the synergies that arise from the fusion of microfluidic and data technology analytics for the creation of a support system for personalized cancer treatment. The project focuses on integrating a microfluidic platform with software technology and data analytics to develop a support system for oncological diagnoses and therapies by testing treatments on the platform, where the data obtained is used to generate predictive models. Synergies arise in two ways: one is from the microfluidic platform's capacity to grow cells and study the effectiveness of different treatments under dynamic conditions; the other is from the development of the data analytics module, which will allow large quantities of hidden knowledge to be extracted from the data generated through the microfluidic platform and derived from omics, clinical and therapeutic data that will feed the expert system and aid diagnosis.

Ceit's role in the project

Ceit's Biodevice and MEMS group will be responsible for demonstrating the design and manufacture of the microfluidic platforms in which tumor cells will be grown and where the effect that different treatment combinations have on them will be evaluated. In this way, valuable information will be obtained to feed the model that will help doctors define the most appropriate treatment for each patient.