Magnetic microwires

Development of new functional vehicles for hyperthermia

Financed by:

Fomento San Sebastián.

DonostiaINN Grants / Technology Bond


  • Ceit-IK4


  • TAMAG Ibérica S.L.


Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) is a type of treatment which subjects certain body tissues to temperatures up to 45 °C, killing the cells in the treated area. This is effective in the case of cancer cells, as research to date has shown. These cells are damaged by being subjected to temperatures that generally cause minimal injury to the surrounding healthy tissues. Hyperthermia can thus favor the focused treatment of tumors by causing them to shrink.

This project proposes the use of magnetic microwires that are subjected to alternating magnetic fields as a way to reach the required temperatures, providing an alternative to current treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and their combinations with surgery, which present significant unwanted side effects.

Ceit's role in the project

Ceit's Biodevice and MEMS Group is responsible for demonstrating the effectiveness and selectivity of the microwires developed and manufactured by UPV-EHU and TAMAG Ibérica S.L. It will carry out the necessary validation tests to demonstrate the effect of the microwires on both cancer and non-cancer cells, using microfluidic platforms that the group's researchers will develop for this purpose.