Bio-robotics and software for biomedical applications


Bullet Technical competences

Robotic technology is increasingly present in various biomedical applications such as surgical operations, where the robot becomes an assistant to the surgeon, or neurological rehabilitation, where robots facilitate motor skill rehabilitation by generating personalized rehabilitation sessions. Due to their complexity, these applications demand technologically advanced solutions with very high technical requirements that guarantee an accurate, safe and reliable result for patients.

Bullet Advanced solutions for robotic surgery and neurological rehabilitation

The Intelligent Systems Group has the in-house capacity to design its own robotic devices and advanced control algorithms for efficient and safe human–machine collaboration, which allows the group to develop specific solutions for the biomedical field. In addition, the group has its own mixed reality (virtual and augmented reality) technology, allowing for the development of comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions for a wide range of applications. Some specific examples are the development of robotic assistants for high-precision surgeries and development of robots for the tele-rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a cerebrovascular event, among others.

Bullet Knowledge and capabilities

  • Intelligent control of robotic systems for high precision applications.

  • Collaborative robotics and advanced person–machine interaction algorithms.

  • Development of mechatronic devices for medical applications.

  • Development of artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Extensive experience in vision and mixed reality systems (virtual and augmented) integrated with robotic systems.