Microtechnologies applied to the field of health have given rise to tools that offer a significant advance for the study of pathologies and the development of their treatments. Biomaterials based on micro- / nanostructures in particular present immense potential for highly realistic and controllable recreation of microenvironments for cell culture, analysis and treatment.

During the last decades, countless biocompatible polymeric materials have been developed that allow generating structures of micro- / nanometric dimensions whose properties (mechanical, chemical) can be modified to form specific environments where cells can behave in a similar way as they would in the Body.

At Ceit we have the capacity to manufacture these gels and nanofibers, as well as for their structural, rheometric and biological characterization in applications such as crops, migration studies, imitation of microenvironments or treatment screening. For this we have specific equipment such as:

  • Electrospinning bench

  • Rheometer

  • Scanning electron microscope

  • Trans- and epi-illumination microscope to work in bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence (incl. Cell tracking)

The laboratories to work with polymeric materials and cells are equipped with the necessary infrastructure to guarantee the necessary conditions (biological hoods, chemical hoods, incubators, freezers ...)