txt Dispositivos microfluidicos

Microfluidic devices

Dispositivos microfluidicos

Bullet Description

In the field of bioengineering, the reduction of biochemical reagents in the analysis and handling of samples with very small volumes are crucial.

In this line, microfluidics is the key tool, opening a wide range of possibilities through the development of micro channels, micro chambers, and active components such as microvalves or micropumps.

The materials used in this discipline are low cost polymeric substrates in combination with standard techniques of micro and nanofabrication based on silicon, pyrex, or substrates.

Microfluidic technology is essential for the development of tools for cell analysis, particularly in the development of devices for cell migration, tissue engineering, cell mechanics, and population or individual cell studies.

Bullet Single isolated cell studies

  • Modules for cell separation to obtain viable unit cells.

  • Cell migration analysis.

  • Multi-purpose microchambers for single cell studies.

Estudios de células aisladas individuales