These are the objectives with which the Unimodel program was born


Researchers from CAF, Ceit and Tecnun are collaborating on the Unimodel program, with the aim of determining the costs of train operation on the track, as well as improving the costs of the train life cycle. This project will also make it possible to analyze the impact that incorporating technological innovations will have on trains.

The researchers are also working to ensure that the cost of rail vehicle construction and delivery time is reduced by 20%, thus increasing the manufacturer's competitiveness. To that end, they will improve prediction via simulation and optimize the design of the rail car’s suspension, which will result in greater comfort and safety for passengers while minimizing the damage that trains do to the track.

The complementary of the consortium partners will guarantee that the project's results will transfer to industry, thus laying the foundations for the construction of trains in the future, ensuing higher standards of quality, comfort and safety.