Dbus and Tcman collaborated on the Manbus project, which will use artificial vision, augmented reality and voice processing in fleet maintenance

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This project will reduce the cost of bus fleet maintenance by optimizing existing work methods through the use of new technologies. The new system developed by Ceit-IK4 is expected to reduce maintenance times by 10%. The TCMAN company provided input to the project through a detailed market analysis, defining the elements that are considered innovative and that would be welcomed in the market.

The Manbus project is developing a new product that will house new technologies in a TCMAN-built device that will be installed in Dbus's fleet and used on a daily basis. The new product will help operators perform maintenance tasks on the bus fleet in the most intuitive way possible.

The types of solutions that have been developed fall within the most innovative technologies available within the area of mobility, information systems, artificial vision, augmented reality and voice processing. A final validation phase is also planned prior to introducing the device to the market, eliminating the need to build full prototypes.

According to Diego Borro, Ceit researcher and Manbus project lead, several systems that digitize and streamline maintenance operations (one tablet-based and another based on Hololens augmented reality glasses) have been developed, and a series of tests has been run at Dbus's maintenance depot to determine which system performs better and is better able to quantify the degree of improvement over the traditional maintenance procedure.