The SIA European project, coordinated by Ceit-IK4, links prognostic information from rail wheels, pantographs and overhead lines


In an era in which hundreds of kilometers of rail are being constructed in Europe for high-speed train lines, ensuring the integral safety of trains is an on-going challenge. To that end, the SIA project will link up prognostic information services to determine the status of the most demanding railway assets: wheels, tracks, pantographs and overhead lines.

These new services will help reduce railroad maintenance costs by 15%, unscheduled maintenance events by 25%, and derailments associated with the railroad wheel interface by 15%. The project plans to develop low-cost sensor nodes in order to determine how wheels are interacting with rails and pantographs with overhead lines. Once the data are collected, the train's on-board control center that will then provide position and availability time to a trackside visualization platform.

This integrated system will be complemented by the services of the European Satellite Navigation Agency's Galileo locator. To meet the project's challenges, the SIA consortium, under the coordination of Ceit-IK4, brings together multidisciplinary partners such as technology providers, research centers, ICT companies and manufacturers from the railway sector in order to design solutions tailored to the needs of the sector.