Microfluidic technologies and data analytics are exploited


Researchers at different research centers in the Basque Country are developing a platform that makes personalized treatment possible in cancer patients. The platform combines microfluidic technologies with data analysis techniques and harnesses the synergies that arise in order to generate predictive models that aid in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The consortium undertaking the project consists of researchers from Ceit-IK4, Biokeralty Research Institute, CIC bioGUNE, IIS Biodonostia and the University of Deusto (eVIDA). The synergies harnessed emerge from the platform's capability to support microfluidic cell cultivation and to study the effectiveness of various treatment therapies under dynamic conditions and from the development of a data analytics module that extracts the information hidden in the data generated by the microfluidic platform and derived from the clinical, therapeutic and omics data and feeds it into the expert diagnostic support system.

Ceit-IK4's Biodevices and MEMS group is responsible for designing, fabricating and demonstrating the microfluidic cell culture platforms that will make it possible to assess how different combinations of treatments affect specific cancer cells. This process will provide valuable information that will help clinicians determine the best treatment for each patient and create a personalized treatment protocol that best meets the patient's needs.