STARPORTS will constitute a significant technological leap for the maritime market


Ceit-IK4 researchers, in collaboration with technicians from the companies FCC Construcción, Wellness Telecom, Sensorlab and PLOCAN, are jointly developing an intelligent tool called STARPORTS, which will provide real-time information on the state of any coastal or maritime infrastructure, such as ports, dams, offshore platforms, wind turbines, etc.

The platform will be able to automatically measure any change experienced by the infrastructure or device located at sea. STARPORTS will constitute a significant technological leap for the maritime market, as it will bring a significant reduction in monitoring, maintenance and upkeep costs and improve maintenance strategies through the early detection of problems or failures.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through FEDER-Innterconecta and led by FCC Construcción, this project brings together experts from Ceit-IK4, Wellness Telecom, Sensorlab and PLOCAN and will derive a series of advantages such as: improved port infrastructure operation and management; increased safety standards; reduced costs for marine infrastructure operating, maintenance and upkeep; improved design, construction and installation of maritime barriers; and the acquisition of new sensor technology for future projects.

This new monitoring tool will complement traditional long-term data collection systems based on field measurements aided by satellite images and meteorological data.

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