Project partners are Fagor Automation, Mondragon Assembly, Fraunhofer, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and AIMEN


The FLOIM project will automate the optical assembly of optoelectronic devices based on optical-quality injection molding. Ceit-IK4's researchers are making advances in improving the process for of co-injecting plastics for precision applications such as mobile phones and many of the electronic devices we use at home and at work.

To that end, they will employ various techniques for the laser structuring of micro/nano molds, real time monitoring of the injection process and subsequent optical characterization of the composite part obtained from the co-injection process.

The Advanced Powder Metallurgy and Laser Manufacturing group is developing a way to create a micro-nanometric-scale pattern on the mold's wall using a femtosecond laser. They will also perform the optical characterization of the final demos, a key task in the entire production process, as the demos will need to be market-ready at the end of the project.