The German Aerospace Center (DLR) has signed a collaboration agreement with Tecnun School of Engineering and the Ceit-IK4 technology center in order to conduct joint research projects on mobility and transportation


Representatives from DLR, Germany's national aerospace research center, have signed an agreement with Tecnun, the University of Navarra’s School of Engineering, and the Ceit-IK4 technology center, strengthening the collaborative ties that have been in place since 2011. The agreement facilitates the formation of inter-institutional research teams and advances joint research projects in mobility and transportation, including the railway, automotive, and maritime sectors. The agreement also facilitates research exchanges for PhD students and researchers.

The aim of the agreement is to find solutions to current issues related to traffic, while at the same time undertaking innovative projects that address the future of mobility and transportation in Europe. DLR, Tecnun and Ceit-IK4 will be researching a number of areas, including: signaling, navigation systems, vehicle control and positioning, monitoring systems, next generation wireless communication, predictive maintenance, assisted driving and energy optimization.

In addition to the joint research projects, the agreement facilitates personnel exchanges, allowing researchers and engineering students from Tecnun and Ceit-IK4 to receive training at DLR and allowing DLR employees to join research teams at Tecnun and Ceit-IK4.