Jorge Unda moves into the position formerly held by Jorge Sendagorta

 Jorge UndaWEB

Jorge Unda, who served as general manager of the Engineering and Construction area at the SENER Group, has been named as Managing Director of the Group. He replaces Jorge Sendagorta, who previously held dual positions as Managing Director and President of the Group. This move makes Unda the top executive at SENER, while Sendagorta continues as President of SENER's Board of Directors.

Prior to embarking on his long professional career at SENER, Unda studied industrial engineering with a specialization in mechanics at the University of the Basque Country's School of Engineering, and he then received a doctorate in industrial engineering from the School of Industrial Engineering at San Sebastián (now Tecnun-University of Navarra). In 1986 he joined SENER as a project engineer and then became a project director within the aerospace division. In 1997, at the age of 38, he was named Assistant General Manager, and in 1998 he was named General Manager of SENER. Unda has been a member of Ceit's Strategic Board since 1999, and he also sits on the Basque Counsel for Science, Technology and Innovation.