IoTSpace will be one of the key projects


Ceit-IK4’s Strategic Board held their second meeting for 2017, where board members were briefed on the close of last year's activity as well as the new projects that have been launched for this year.  José María Rodríguez Ibabe and Alejo Avello took the lead in presenting the trajectory and outcomes for the year 2016, while Paco Castro outlined the features of IoTSpace, one of the key projects that Ceit launched at the initiative of Carlos Bastero.

The board members were presented with the financial and scientific outcomes for 2016, a year during which 253 research staff, including 110 PhDs, carried out Ceit's research activities. Throughout 2016, Ceit-IK4 researchers published 57 articles and attended over a hundred conferences. Twelve doctoral theses were also defended.

In terms of financial outcomes, the technology center saw 16,184,615€ in turnover, with a profit of 580,893€.

The Strategic Board also had the chance to visit the new facilities that will house the non-destructive testing,  robotics and living laser groups and the new IoTSpace, which aims to promote talent in future researchers.

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