Oihane Mitxelena and David del Río Orduña are doing their PhD work at Ceit

 Oihane David Web

Oihane Mitxelena and David del Río Orduña, both of whom are Guipuzcoa natives and Tecnun graduates (2013) who now work as pre-doctoral researchers at Ceit-IK4, have received the National Award for Excellence in Academic Performance 2012-2013, which is granted to students with the best overall academic performance by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

Oihane, who obtained her degree in Biomedical Engineering, is currently pursuing her doctoral research on microfluidic devices that allow new drug therapies to be tested. David obtained his degree in Telecommunications Engineering, and his doctoral work at Ceit-IK4 is on integrated circuits for use in future mobile networks.

Both researchers are combining their areas of study at the University of Navarra’s School of Engineering (Tecnun) with applied projects that put their research into practice. As David notes, “my [PhD] thesis is part of one of Ceit’s current projects”.

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