IoTSpace will be a hub for attracting talent to San Sebastián


Ceit-IK4 has launched IoTSpace (the Internet of Things Space) with the aim of promoting learning and R&D research projects related to topics that fall within Industry 4.0 and IoTSpace.

Following the program’s mission of providing comprehensive training to the young researchers who participate in the program, Ceit-IK4 and Fomento San Sebastián have signed a collaboration agreement that offers grants to students who will receive training abroad and then return to San Sebastián to apply their knowledge through an internship at IoTSpace.

Ernesto Gasco, council member in San Sebastián’s Office of Economic Development, and Alejo Avello, Director General of Ceit-IK4, met at City Hall to sign the agreement. Gasco noted that the agreement will “contribute to the strategy of transforming and reinforcing the city of San Sebastián as a center for innovation and knowledge through attracting, developing and retaining talent."

The program anticipates supporting up to six stays abroad each year, with grants of up to 8,000€ per person. It also expects to make available up to six paid internships, with the program contributing 4,000€ for six months of full-time work, and the rest of the salary being co-financed by Ceit-IK4 during the contract period.

According to a recent report, by the year 2020 there will be over 20.6 billion devices connected to the internet, including cars, homes and even streets.

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