The FR8RAIL projects aims to reduce the costs and delivery time of rail transport by 10%


Globalization has made transport essential for practically every sector, and being able to transport freight quickly and cheaply is key to carrying out virtually any task. To that end, improving the efficiency of the means of transport is of high priority, and this goal is driving one of the latest projects being carried out by Ceit-IK4.

This latest project is known as FR8RAIL, which is part of the Shift2Rail framework. The objective of FR8RAIL is to reduce freight transport over highways for distances greater than 300km by 30% by 2030, and by 50% by 2050. This means that freight transport by railway must offer a sustainable and attractive service in order to lessen congestion on highways.

The research centers around four pillars: predictive maintenance technologies, which will make it possible to prevent faults and breakdowns; telematics and electrification; new railcar and running gear technologies that will reduce noise and energy consumption and improve aerodynamics; and a new automatic coupler that will speed up railcar coupling.

Ceit-IK4’s role is to develop the needed telematics and electrification, which will improve fleet performance. The objective of the group that is in charge of carrying out this task is to develop new positioning techniques that are customized for the load being transported, making it possible to monitor its position at any moment.

The FR8RAIL project falls under the Shift2Rail program, a European initiative that is geared toward railway research and development. The main goal of Shift2Rail is to develop a new railway transport system that is competitive in terms of price and quality and that provides better service for society.

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