The technology center hosted the event ‘NDT technologies: current state and short-term prospects’

 Jornada NDT

Ceit-IK4’s Ibaeta campus hosted the IK4 Alliance-sponsored event ‘NDT technologies: current state and short-term prospects’. Presentations on the current perspectives on non-destructive testing technologies were given by representatives of Alliance members IK4-Azterlan, IK4-Ideko, Vicomtech-IK4, IK4-Lortek and Ceit-IK4.

Following the presentations, a round table discussed the future of non-destructive testing and took in questions and comments from the audience.

Dr. Kizkitza Gurruchaga, head of the Non-Destructive Testing group at Ceit-IK4, spoke about magnetic techniques, their capacity to determine physical properties, and how they can replace traditional NDT techniques. Magnetic inspection techniques can also be used to detect cracks via the use of liquid penetrants that contain magnetic particles.

Over a hundred people from Basque and Spanish companies attended the event.

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