A robotic system that takes measurements in a non-destructive manner was on display at the Kursaal Convention Center

 Basque Industry40

Ceit-IK4 participated in the Basque Industry 4.0 trade fair, which was held in the main auditorium of the Kursaal convention center in San Sebastián, by demonstrating one of its robotic systems. The system on display measures mechanical properties like hardness, yield stress, and tensile strength via a non-destructive technique, making it possible to guarantee the quality of 100% of all fabricated pieces.

Trade fair attendees, including Iñigo Urkullu, president of the Basque Government, and Arantza Tapia, the Basque Government’s minister of Economic development and Competitiveness, were able to observe how the robot works first hand.

The robotic system measures mechanical properties via a sensor developed at Ceit-IK4 – and which has already been implemented in several Basque companies – that is able to measure a material’s magnetic properties in real time. After the measurements are taken, a web interface quickly displays the information. The data can also be added directly to the company’s MES.

The ability to analyze the data’s history in real time makes it possible to detect trends in property degradation, allowing companies to predict equipment malfunction in a production line. This is turn will reduce maintenance costs and lead to zero defect manufacturing, which not only detects defective manufactured pieces but also keeps defective pieces from being manufactured in the first place, thereby eliminating the need to dispose of waste.

The demo robot was built by a multidisciplinary team at Ceit-IK4, which included experts in robotics, industrial sensors, non-destructive testing and data analysis.

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