Researchers from Ceit-IK4’s Materials Division win AIST’s Gilbert R. Speich Award for the third time in five years

 gilbert award

It’s no coincidence that the Materials and Manufacturing Division, the largest of Ceit-IK4’s divisions, continues to add to its successes thanks to the excellent work of its researchers. The latest success is having received the American Association for Iron and Steel Technology’s (AIST) Gilbert R. Speich Award. The award is given to the best article on physical metallurgy, and this year it went to “Relevance of Time Between Last Deformation Pass and Accelerated Cooling on the Microstructural Refinement in Nb and Nb-Mo Microalloyed Steels”, which was presented at the MS&T’15 Conference, held in Columbus, (Ohio) in October 2015. This is the third time in five years that the same Ceit-IK4 research group has received this award, having been recognized in 2012, 2013 and 2016.

This recognition from AIST, an association that has 18,000 members and chapters in 70 countries, is significant in both academic and industry terms, given that many of the association’s members are from production companies and steel manufacturers. As one of the authors, P. Uranga, notes, “all recognition is positive when it comes to continuing forward with research. It reflects the fact that the line adopted 20 years ago is worthwhile and that its application in industry is real”. The research group hopes that this award will open more doors to industry “now that [the study’s] applicability in real processes has been demonstrated”.

In the award-winning article, authors Gorka Larzabal, Nerea Isasti, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe and Pello Uranga analyzed the effect that the time between the last deformation pass and water cooling has on the final microstructure. The authors concluded that if that time is properly controlled, the final properties of the steel microalloys can be improved and the process is more stable. It was observed that adding Molybdenum minimizes the effect of this time and increases the stability of the final microstructure.

Ceit-IK4’s Materials and Manufacturing Division has over 100 researchers, and 25 of them investigate processes related to the manufacture and shaping of steel. Currently they are working on over 30 projects that cover all aspects of steel manufacturing, so it is likely that this is not the last award they will receive.

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