TRAVI is a device that monitors parameters such as temperature or whether a bottle’s seal has been broken


Wine is one of the most prized products of our gastronomy, but it is subject to various factors that affect the quality of the final product. In addition to the type of grape used to make the wine or the type of wood used for the barrels that the wine is matured in, parameters such as storage temperature have a direct impact on the final product once the bottle is opened. Every last detail is important.

A group of Ceit-IK4 researchers are working on a device that is designed to help wineries and restaurants monitor the parameters that are most likely to affect the quality of premium bottles of wine. Once the wine has been bottled, a smart cork monitors the temperature and other ambient conditions under which the wine is being stored, as well as whether the seal has been broken. The information can be easily be accessed by reading the cork via a tablet or mobile phone.

This technology will enable wineries to protect their brand reputation by making it possible to prevent counterfeiting or losses in quality due to improper storage. It will also help restaurants be sure that the wine they are buying is of the expected quality, and they can even display the information about the bottle of wine to customers via a smartphone or tablet.

The prototype, which was designed by the Industrial Sensor Group at Ceit-IK4, is an ultra low power and ultra low cost wireless device.

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