Ceit-IK4 seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the food industry


The aim of the Life MCUBO project is to reduce the environmental impact of water use in the food industry. It focuses specifically on the meat, canned vegetable and juice subsectors, which are three of the food subsectors that have the greatest need for water in their production process.

Ceit is participating in the Life MCUBO project (Modeling, Monitoring and Improving Water Management and Environmental Impact on the Food Industry), whose aim is to reduce the environmental impact of water use in the three food sectors mentioned above. To that end, a working demo of an integrated management system will be implemented in three production plants.

The system will incorporate novel low cost wireless monitoring technology, and it will model the subsectors in detail, which will help them plan and implement improvement actions. Additionally, water management will be integrated into the companies’ continuous improvement processes.

After the project comes to the end of its three-year run, the hope is that the results can be transferred to other subsectors in the food industry, as well as related sectors. This will help create a production model that is more sustainable and more respectful of the environment but does not hamper the ability of companies to remain competitive.

The project is coordinated by Tecnun, and in addition to Ceit-IK4 the other project partners are AIN and CTIC-CITA. Funding comes from the European Commission’s Life Program, which granted 525,000 € to carry out the project.

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