The IK4 Research Alliance is driving research through opportunities to carry out doctoral research projects


The nine centres that make up the IK4 Research Alliance, which includes Ceit, have launched an employment portal called IK4’s Promotion of Doctoral Talent with the aim to attract people with an interest in innovation and research.

The various offerings for doctoral research will provide researchers with an employment contract for the duration of the doctoral work. Additionally, each centre and its expert PhDs will provide the doctoral researchers with high-level training and the necessary high-tech equipment.

Ceit-IK4 is currently accepting CVs from people who are ready to begin or continue their professional career in the field of applied research and technology. Ceit is seeking individuals with any of the following profiles:

• Young engineers with an undergraduate degree in any branch of engineering; individuals who have an undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology; individuals who have an accredited Master’s degree in any of the previously mentioned disciplines.

To find out more about the job offers, consult Ceit-IK4’s web page or IK4’s Promotion of Doctoral Talent portal.