VIDEO – Ceit-IK4 test their new satellite positioning system, which will enhance safety

 EATS play

Why are trains not tracked by GPS? The only reason is that the signal is lost when trains pass through tunnels. This loss of signal means that it’s not possible to know the exact position of a train, which ultimately undermines the safety of trains that travel along routes with tunnels.

In order to address this need for enhanced safety, researchers from Ceit-IK4 participated in the EATS project, which developed a train positioning system that will in the near future improve train safety while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of rail transport.

The goal is to reduce the cost of the ETCS control system by installing an on-board positioning system that integrates satellite-based positioning with an angle of arrival estimation system in ETCS communications.

The video above shows how positioning is determined via the Angle of Arrival Estimation System.

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