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Ceit installs its new atomizer in Miramón

The new plant will allow for the gas atomization of up to 250 kg of metal powders

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20/03/20 17:20

Ceit is moving ahead with the installation and testing of its new star equipment: an Arcast atomizer with a capacity of 250 kg of metal powder per cycle. Housed in a new building in the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, underneath the Arbide Towers, the atomizer plant is another step forward, marking Ceit's commitment to positioning itself as a center of reference in Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing. Ceit's position was recently reinforced by having been awarded a project by the Cervera network, in recognition of its status as a Center of Excellence in Additive Manufacturing.

With this new equipment, Ceit will be able to expand its offer in conducting research on metal powders and atomization process for key sectors, including the automotive, aerospace, health, energy and oil & gas sectors. Ceit will similarly increase its technological offer, including the capacity to develop at the pilot plant level superalloys, powder metal steels, hard and soft magnetic materials, as well as to design metallic powders specifically for Additive Manufacturing and other purposes.

The new atomizer has been successfully installed, and in the coming weeks it will be fine-tuned with the help of experts from the US, who also helped assemble the plant, which was built in the US.