Project DIAMOND aims to achieve it throughout the design, development, implementation and validation of new advanced data management, monitoring and control systems

 DIAMOND Project


CEIT-IK4 participates in a 2 years long EU funded project titled DIAMOND (AdvanceD data management and InformAtics for the optimuM operatiON anD control of wastewater treatment plants) which started on September the 1st and whose ultimate objective is to optimize the operation of wastewater systems by adequately managing and using all the information available in the plant.

Nowadays most of the EU countries treat practically the totality of the volume of urban waste water generated. However, a deep look at the performance of most of the existing wastewater treatment facilities (WWTP) evidences that significant steps forward can still be given in terms of effluent quality, process robustness and operational costs.

In fact, whereas one of the main technical limitations for optimizing plant operation in the past was the lack of data due to the lack of reliable measuring devices, at present the problem is, paradoxically, just the opposite: new and more reliable on-line sensors providing thousands of data are available in the plants and the main limitation for their optimal operation now is the great difficulty that WWTP staff have to properly manage all the heterogeneous, incomplete and, sometimes inconsistent plant data.

Project DIAMOND aims to solve the above problem and to achieve a model of excellence in the management of wastewater treatment systems by addressing the design, development, implementation and validation of new advanced data management, monitoring and control algorithms and tools for supporting the optimum operation of WWTPs. This objective is of great interest for the scientific and industrial communities related to WWTPs.

CEIT-IK4's role

The Environmental Engineering Department of CEIT-IK4 is one of the most active partners in the project leading it in collaboration with Project Coordinator and Spanish SME Mondragón Sistemas de Información and being responsible for developing the core of the DIAMOND System: the Advanced Data Management and Monitoring Systems. Other partners participating in the project are Aguas de Gipuzkoa from Spain, Cerlic Controls, Stockholm Vatten, University of Uppsala and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute from Sweden and, Mipro Group and University of Aalto from Finland. The Kick-Off meeting of the project took place at Mondragón Sistemas de Información's headquarters last September and was really successful, thus confirming CEIT-IK4 researchers' good impression about the project and the consortium as it is comprised by internationally well known experts in the fields of water and wastewater.

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