IK4 Alliance members Ceit and Lortek presented their latest developments in additive manufacturing


Ceit-IK4 and IK4-Lortek jointly attended Addit3D, the first trade show for additive manufacturing, which was held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. Major international companies attended the first edition of Addit3D in order to share ideas and innovations geared toward Industry 4.0.

Ceit-IK4 and IK4-Lortek demonstrated their additive manufacturing capacities in a shared exhibition space and through their participation in seminar sessions. Experts from both technology centers were invited to participate in the session ‘3D printing and its applications in strategic sectors’, which was moderated by Ceit-IK4 researcher Iñigo Iturriza.

Given the high number of attendees and the opportunity for the two technology centers to showcase the advances they’ve made in recent years, their attendance at the trade show was a positive experience.

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