A sensor in tractors will reduce both the environmental impact of fertilizers and operating costs


Any solution that reduces harm to the environment while also reducing costs is a welcome one. To that end, researchers at Ceit-IK4 and UPC-CD6 are collaborating on a sensor that measures the concentration of nutrients in the soil, making it possible to calculate the amount of fertilizer needed for optimal plant growth.

Currently, farmers are not able to determine how much fertilizer soil needs at a given point in time, which means that often too much is used. This excessive use not only harms the environment but also contributes to higher operating costs for farmers. At the same time, if insufficient amounts of fertilizer are used, crop yields will be low.

The goal of the Fertisave project is to build a sensor that monitors the amount of macronutrients in the soil in real time, which will enable farmers to use fertilizers in a more targeted and efficient manner. This collaborative research is being carried out by SECPhO and technology centers Ceit-IK4 and UPC-CD6 for the Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery (FEMAC) and its partners.

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