The satellite-based system developed by Ceit-IK4 provides greater safety during rail journeys and increases the efficiency of passenger and freight service

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Engineers from the Electronics and Communications Unit are working on an H2020 European project called ERSAT-EAV, whose goal is to create the first satellite-based positioning system for on-board railway signalling.

This innovative system enables the on-line tracking of trains through control centres at the points of origin and destination, which will increase safety during travel as well as the operating efficiency of the lines currently in service. This, in turn, will allow the rail sector to provide increased service for the transport of passengers and goods.

To reach this goal, a research platform made up of 12 partners from 5 countries and experts and specialists from technology centres, universities, and companies from the rail and aerospace sectors will be designing the system with a budget of 5.5 million euros. The system will be a significant step forward for operators of local and regional rail lines within Europe, as they represent about 50% of the train journeys currently taking place within the European Community.

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