Engineers from the Ceit-IK4 Technology Center develop a device for home use that is able to read the 12 leads of an electrocardiogram.


Researchers from the Electronics and Communications Unit are finalizing the launch of the GoCardio system, which will enable people with cardiovascular conditions to monitor their rehabilitation regularly and comfortably from home.

The device is part of a joint project being carried out by research centres Vicomtech-IK4 and Biodonostia, the company Bilbomática, and Ceit-IK4 spin-offs STT Systems and Incide.

This innovative system is designed specifically for people who are in cardiac rehabilitation for conditions such as heart attack and acute coronary syndrome. It is estimated that the cost of treatment and prevention for cardiovascular conditions will be 47 billion USD over the next 25 years.

To that end, engineers at Ceit-IK4 have designed a portable device that reads the 12 leads that record the heart's movements and are displayed on an EKG report. It works in conjunction with an Android application that sends the information to a server, allowing the user to know what physical activity to engage in.

How it works

The user simply puts on a t-shirt that has a series of sensors embedded in it, and the sensors monitor the patient's activity and the energy expended while doing the rehabilitation exercises. The application is connected to a cloud-based platform that has the capacity to store information for many patients and offers advanced processing and display tools to help medical teams keep track of patients.

In addition to improving patient monitoring during rehabilitation, the new system also reduces treatment costs.

After a cardiovascular event, patients begin their rehabilitation at the hospital, which requires them to go to the hospital three times a week. Patients later continue the rehabilitation process at home, without medical supervision. Unfortunately, a very high percentage of patients do not go to the rehabilitation sessions at the hospital, nor do they follow their doctor's advice at home because they find it difficult to know how much activity they're doing and if they're doing it correctly. The GoCardio system was designed with the aim of preventing these serious issues in cardiac rehabilitation by being comfortable and user-friendly.