The paper introduced novel improvements in mechanical properties and production costs for the manufacture of industrial building components

 La investigadora Angela Veiga (sentada) junto con su compañera de trabajo Shandra Sainz, en uno de los laboratorios de CEIT-Ik4

A study by researcher Angela Veiga, member of the Consolidation of Metallic and Ceramic Powders group in the Materials Department at CEIT-IK4, has received the AMES-Joan Antoni Bas prize for best national research paper in powder metallurgy at the 5th National Powder Metallurgy Congress, which was recently held in Girona, Spain.

The award-winning paper, “Development of Dense High Performance Low Alloy PM Steels by Liquid Phase Sintering”, is part of Veiga’s doctoral thesis (Development of high performance nickel or boron PM steels respectively obtained after solid state and liquid phase sintering), which she carried out with assistance from researcher Shandra Sainz and thesis director Francisco Castro.

The study constitutes a significant technological advance, according to Veiga, “in broadening the areas of application and increasing the strength of building components made with metal powders by combining improved mechanical properties with low production costs”. This means that “improvements in [mechanical] properties are gained by reducing the residual porosity of the components while exploiting the main advantages of powder metallurgy in terms of the ability to produce parts with close dimensional tolerance.” Veiga collaborated with industrial partner Stadler S.A. (Oñati, Spain), which manufactured components from the steels developed in her doctoral research.

The Joan Antoni Bas prize, sponsored by the Barcelona-based company AMES, is the highest recognition in the industrial sector for R&D papers and studies of significant technological value that contribute to the advancement of powder metallurgy, both in terms of materials and processes.

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