The entities will partner on projects in bioengineering and biomedicine through the exchange of researchers, teaching staff and students through an agile and efficient framework


CEIT-IK4, Tecnun-School of Engineering at the University of Navarra, Biodonostia, and Hospital Universitario Donostia have signed a collaboration agreement that will enable the entities to formalise channels for collaborating on activities related to research, innovation, teaching, and training.
The collaboration agreement provides a framework that will make it possible for projects on bioengineering and biomedicine to be jointly carried out through the agile and efficient exchange of researchers, teachers and students.

This means that researchers from Tecnun/CEIT-IK4 will be able to work alongside researchers at Biodonostia, each contributing their complementary expertise to projects. At the same time, Biomedical Engineering students at Tecnun will have the opportunity to strengthen their studies and deepen their experience by working on projects at Biodonostia.

The agreement has a contract period of one year and is automatically renewable for periods of the same duration. It was signed by José Manuel Ladrón de Gevara, Director General of OSI Donostialdea, Julio Arrizabalaga, Scientific Director of Biodonostia, Alejo Avello, Director General of CEIT-IK4, and Iñigo Puente, Director of Tecnun-School of Engineering.