The city  of San Sebastián and the IK4 Alliance sign an agreement to boost innovation and competitiveness in Gipuzkoa's capital

acuerdo ik4

Innovation is a key element of the Europe 2020 growth strategy, which aims to foster innovative ideas that lead to products and services that spur growth and employment. It also promotes the drive toward an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economy, where cities play a relevant role in “smart cities” policies. Donostia-San Sebastián has been moving in the same direction in recent years by providing support for projects in the fields of mobility, energy, government and intelligent specialisation in strategic sectors through various departments and organisations, such as Fomento San Sebastián, the city's partner in promoting sustainable economic development .

These new municipal initiatives require collaboration between the local administration and companies/technology centres, and for that reason a collaboration agreement has been signed with the IK4 Alliance.

One of the first actions will be to open the call for the Technology Award. The 75,000 € budget will provide support to companies and entrepreneurs that develop enterprising and innovative projects related to strategic sectors. Recipients will also receive technical advising from IK4.

The IK4 Alliance, along with other technology centres and companies, including CEIT-IK4, is currently working on the development of the i-Sare smart microgrid, which is located in Fomento San Sebastián's ENERTIC complex. i-Sare is able to effectively manage the generation of electrical energy and adapt it to the existing usage requirements at all times, thanks to advanced digital control. This microgrid places Gipuzkoa at the forefront of the development of smart energy grids, a future sector that will allow companies to create and test new products and innovative technologies.

Throughout the upcoming year, the agreement will be implemented through a monitoring committee, made up of two representatives per partner.