Cost effective direct to eye prosthesis and smart system, the D2Eye Project


Approximately 800,000 hip operations are performed annually in Europe. In 56% of these operations, the components, in particular the cup, are not aligned correctly; this misalignment alters the biomechanics of the system, such that excessive wear of the cup occurs. The subsequent reduction in implant lifespan will affect over 450,000 European citizens, an average of 30,000 per year.

There are two types of navigation system currently on the market. Both systems have demonstrated improved accuracy over manual surgery. However, current systems entail high initial and maintenance costs. In addition, they take an extra time of 15 minutes to setup, using valuable theatre time.
The D2Eye project will develop a simple to use, low cost, fully mobile guidance with reduced set up time, based on a cost effective direct to eye prosthesis and smart system.


By using the Google Glasses the guidance system will allow the surgeon to position the cup accurately for optimum range of movement. As a result, the system will prevent premature failure of the implant normally associated with misalignment.

This will be possible by using a series of electronic orientation units built in to the surgical instruments which will give their position in free space. The information from the units will be projected in front of the surgeon’s eye in real time, allowing them to identify the correct cup implantation position. Such a system will enable implant lifetimes to be extended beyond the current average 15 year lifespan, significantly reducing the burden on the healthcare system.

CEIT-IK4 will develop the wireless communication network that will allow sending the positioning data among surgical instruments. The technological center is also responsible for developing a wireless charging system for all the equipment, so that the electronic orientation units and Google Glasses may have enough autonomy.


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