Within the frame of the European project HeERO, CEIT-IK4 is developing an electronic safety system for motorcycles and motorcyclists



The eCall (emergency call) system is an electronic safety device that automatically contacts emergency services in the event of an accident. Even if the rider is unconscious, the system informs the first responders of the exact location where the accident took place so assistance arrives as quickly as possible. The European Union wants to install this device in new vehicles starting next year.
The eCall device detects the moment of impact and immediately makes an emergency call. eCalls can also be made manually by pressing a button on the device. This is very useful in cases where somebody in a vehicle with the eCall system witnesses an accident involving a vehicle that does not have the innovative system.

Within the HeERO project, the role of CEIT-IK4's Simulation and Intelligent Transport Systems group is to develop to the elements that detect an accident and make the necessary emergency calls for use with motorcycles and motorcyclists. The device's multiple sensors and wireless capabilities overcome the communication barriers for this type of vehicle.

In addition to automatically sending data to first responders, the eCall system also establishes a channel of communication between a rider and the emergency call centre. This means that riders that are able to can answer questions or given additional details about the accident.

The main challenge of the HeERO project is to harmonize the different existing telecommunications systems in Europe in order to ensure that eCall works the same way throughout Europe. The ultimate goal is to save the greatest possible number of lives through communication technologies.

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