Ceit cabecera formación de jóvenes investigadores

Training for Young Researchers

Intro formación de jóvenes investigadores

Scientific Excellence




In Ceit we keep a balance between science and Industry.

By undertaking R & D projects Ceit provides a high added value in research to companies and at the same time trains young researchers that once finished their stay in Ceit, will join the Industrial Sector.

These young researchers collaborate with the doctors that lead the different research projects and have at their disposal the most up to date technology and equipment.

On other occasions the young researchers do periods in other foreign research institutions and in most cases complete their studies defending their Thesis.



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In many industries, product life cycles are dramatically diminishing as the result of technical progress and global competition. The ability to innovate has therefore become a key factor in success.

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The knowledge acquired over the years in the different research areas gives Ceit the ability to offer research services with high added value.

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One of Ceit's primary missions is transferring innovative technology to the market, and on occasion that mission is achieve through the creation of new companies, as evidenced by the fifteen spin-offs we have created from the technology we have fully developed at Ceit.

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