CEIT has a large experience in the design of digital signal processing systems applied to wireless communications. Our approach covers conceptual system design, simulation, performance estimation, hardware-software partitioning and implementation.

Digital Signal Processing Algorithms

  • Single carrier modulation/demodulation techniques
  • OFDM modulation/demodulation techniques
  • Frequency and time synchronization algorithms
  • Equalization techniques
  • Indoor localization techniques:beam forming, ranging algorithms and positioning algorithms.
  • Data fusion algorithms
  • Adaptive filtering for echo and noise cancellation

System Level Design Methodologies for Digital Baseband Development

  • Electronic System Level (ESL)

    Matlab / Simulink


    System Generator (Matlab + Xilinx)

  • IP development of Building Blocks for Digital Basebands (see Intellectual Property (IP) digital coresfor more information)


    FIR Filters

    Viterbi Decoder


    Cubic Interpolator

Implementation of Communication systems

  • PCB design

    Impulse Radio Ultra-Wide Band (IR-UWB) transmitter.

  • FPGA/ASIC Based communication systems

    E-band transceiver for high data rate (10 Gbps) backhaul applications

    RFID sensors and metering

    Digital Baseband Transceiver for UWB using Multi-Band Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing or MB-OFDM

    Digital Baseband Transceiver for WLAN 802.11a

    Digital baseband transmitter for digital video broadcasting (DVB-T and DVB-T2)

    Digital Satellite Radio Receiver for Digital Radio Mondiale or DRM

    Echo cancellation in Gap-Fillers for DVB-T

  • Microprocessor Based communication systems

    Echo Cancellation in Audio Systems (Analog Devices DSP)

    Low Power Digital Baseband Transceiver for Remote Operated Cranes (MSP430 / ARM)

    Data Fusion Techniques for Operation within a Wireless Sensor Network (ARM / FPGA)

Relevant Projects