Based on the techniques usually applied in the field of Microelectronics and Microsystems, we have the capability for the development of lab-on-a-chip devices, biosensors and/or bioMEMS. We target at improving both, the sensitivity and the selectivity of the standard methods used nowadays in the field of diagnostics. The scope of detection strategies we can approach is wide covering from enzymatic sensors, electrochemical detection, immunomagnetic devices or impedimetric analyisis among others.

Electrochemical DNA Detection and Quantification

  • Electrochemical quantification of DNA hybridization events.
  • Three electrode configuration onto silicon (integrated Ag RE).

Enzimatic Sensors

  • Electrochemical detection in a three electrode configuration.
  • Immobilization of enzymes at the working electrode onto a polymeric membrane.
  • Integrated reference.

Endotoxin Detection

  • Electrochemical Lab-On-a-Chip for pyrogen detection.
  • Endotoxin detection in pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

Immunomagnetic Detection

  • Magnetoresistive sensor for the detection of immunologic reactions.
  • Microfluidic technology for LOC applications.