CEIT-IK4 presents wide experience in the mechanical design of product. The following point summarises the main capabilities:

  • Static analysis Dynamic analysis
  • Crash analysis of products
  • Tools to optimize manufacturing and assembling of products
  • Multi-domain simulation: combined simulation of finite element modelling - multi-body simulation – hydraulic – control units

Project Examples

Combined simulation FEM-MBS

  • FEM of flexible automotive sub-chasis hold by elastic bushing
  • Simulation: multibody system for the suspension and FEM for the flexibility of the sub-chasis
  • Coupled respons

Optimization of mechanical systems

  • Optimum design of kynetic and dynamic mechanism.
  • Parametric model of the mechanism.
  • Example: optimal design of vehicle suspension.

Multidomain simulation

  • Modelling and simulation of combined:

    Mechanic, electric, electronic and hydraulic, eléctricos, electrónicos, hidráulicos

    Real time simulations: Parametrization of complex components

  • Example: Complete vehicle with ABS (Toolsys, Odecoms)