CEIT has wide experience in the design of ergonomic products based on digital human simulations. The main features are described below:

Human motion capturing and analysis

  • Data collection using several motion capture (MoCap) technologies (marker-based and marker-less)
  • High precision pose and movement reconstruction of shoulder, spine, neck and pelvis using nonlinear constraint optimization indeterminate methods
  • Development of human models for any simulation environment

Discomfort evaluation and biomechanical analysis

  • Estimation of maximal torques, joint angles and fatigue during the execution of tasks
  • Estimation of discomfort associated to task oriented movements

Synthesis and simulation of realistic movements in virtual environments

  • Evaluation and assessment of new vehicle interior designs using realistic movements that fulfil new geometric and dynamic constraints
  • Ergonomic design of human/machine interfaces such as vehicle interiors, cabin and working places