Biodevices and MEMS

Biodispositivos y Mems

Our added value  

We design and develop ad hoc systems for the detection and monitoring of compounds, organisms and biological and chemical parameters. Through projects with the agri-food industry, as well as with companies, institutions and hospitals in the health field, we create comprehensive and personalized solutions to the needs of the client with the aim of improving their production, maintenance and monitoring processes.

Our research lines  

Our activity is oriented towards improving the functioning of the final product, offering extensive experience in aspects such as:

  • Ad hoc detection systems that can include microelectrodes, microfluidic structures, measurement cells, control electronics and communication with the outside world.

  • Early detection and monitoring of microorganisms in matrices of diverse nature from food samples to biological fluids.

  • Improvement of passive devices and implants through active detection and / or recognition elements.

  • Design and optimization of microfluidic devices for cell separation and analysis, 2D and 3D cell migration, drug delivery, scaffolds, etc.

  • Integration of sensors for the parameterization of measurement environments and conditions.


The Biodevices and MEMS Group works on projects financed by public calls as well as on industrial projects subject to confidentiality. The projects listed here are ones in which intellectual property rights and confidentiality agreements do not keep the results from being published.