R&D and Innovation Policy

Ceit-IK4 R&D and Innovation Policy is embodied in the following principles, which guide the work of Ceit-IK4's staff and partners:

  • Meet all implied and expressed requirements and all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Contribute to the efficacy and continuous improvement of the Innovation Management System as defined in our Management Manual and of the processes contained within the IMS, each individual doing so from the perspective of their own particular role and responsibilities.
  • Duly recognize the needs of companies in order to stay current with the reality of the market and the new technologies used in the sector, thus facilitating our ability to respond quickly and at any time by offering innovative and high quality products and services.
  • Encourage actions that will successfully guide Innovation projects by favoring the use of up to date technologies.
  • Direct Ceit-IK4's research activity toward blue-chip companies
  • Maintain and increase efforts dedicated to innovation, making it the cornerstone of Ceit-IK4.
  • Promote a policy that both protects and exploits the results that we obtain through our innovation management processes.
  • Maintain a high level of innovation in the development and sale of our services and products within the framework of an ongoing continuous improvement system.
  • Increase overall employee satisfaction by seeking their full commitment to the well-being of the Technology Center, fostering an environment of employee participation, involving them in the attainment of the Technology Center’s shared objective, and improving the communication that facilitates teamwork, the recognition of individuals and suggestions for improvement. Ensure that all the resources required to effect the above are appropriately managed.
  • Seek out collaborators and suppliers that allow us to offer projects with innovative features.
  • Periodically revise this policy and update it as needed.

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