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Selection Process

Selection Process

Step 1: request


Applicants should express their interest in joining TalentSpace by providing their full legal name, national ID number or equivalent, email address, their CV, and the reasons why they would like to join TalentSpace. Applicants who are not students at Tecnun will be asked to provide their academic transcription in addition to the above.

Step 2: Selection


The TalentSpace project committee will carry out the selection process, which may entail a personal interview or an evaluation of the applicant’s CV and the strengths the applicant can contribute. In all cases, applicant profiles will be evaluated from a technical perspective as well as in terms of personal and social competences.

Step 3: Projects


Applicants will be able to apply for the projects that are listed on the TalentSpace web page once the TalentSpace office requests additional information and has authorized the use of information related to the project.