txt Simuladores para operación de EDARs

Simuladores para operación de EDARs


imuladores para operación de EDARs

Ceit has an important experience in the development of SW applications for the diagnosis and optimization of WWTP operation including the data synthesis and validation. The main characteristics of the employed methodology are described below:

  • Mathematical modelling of the whole plant

Water and Energy

  • Data management/Calibration and validation Exploration of plant scenarios

  • Advanced Data management

Data sampling and filtering

Data reconciliation

  • Model based exploration

Water quality and quantity

Energy consumption/recovery

Simuladores para operación de EDARs

It is worthwhile to mention that the developed SW tools include the integrated prediction of the water process performance vs. energy consumption with the following features:

  • Mathematical modelling of liquid and gas phases

  • Mathematical modelling of energy fluxes

  • Plan-wide modelling library

Simuladores para operación de EDARs

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