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PhD Thesis, Chun Lu

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Chun Lu


Chun Lu

Title: Railway infrastructure fatigue damage prediction using a multiaxial fatigue criterion

Defense Date: 13/09/2018

Director: José Manuel Martínez Esnaola



The research on fatigue damage mechanism of railway infrastructure metallic components, i.e., rail joint and switch panel, is performed in this work, with the help of three technical methods, multiaxial fatigue theory, explicit finite element model (FEM) and stochastic analysis. With regard to multiaxial fatigue theory, a method for predicting fatigue damage direction and a multiaxial fatigue criterion are proposed, the results indicate the proposed methods can provide a more accurate prediction of fatigue damage direction and fatigue life compared with other methods. With regard to explicit FEM, a wheelset passing through railway infrastructure components (a rail joint and a switch panel) are established, research shows that explicit FEM is suitable for studying the damage mechanism on rail joint and switch panel. Finally, a combination of the proposed multiaxial fatigue theory, established explicit FEM and stochastic analysis is carried out to study the damage mechanism of railway infrastructure. This work can provide theoretical foundation for the design and maintenance for railway infrastructure.

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