Bionanomaterials for biomedical applications in diagnostics and therapy

Proyect Overview

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Eusko Jaurlaritza


  • Ceit-IK4

  • CIC biomaGUNE

Proposal summary

The aim of the project is the development of a light detector using photomultiplier tubes (PMT) to detect the light emitted by luminescent reactions, specifically, the fluorescent light emitted by the catalysis of semiconducting nanoparticles (NPs). The wavelength and intensity of this emission depends on the size, nature and environment of the NPs, and in this particular case it has been set to 420nm.

The detection of the light emitted by a luminescent compound is achieved through a photomultiplier tube, which is placed in proximity to the sample. If the signal is treated digitally, each photon is transformed in an electrical impulse and its number by unit of time will be proportional to the intensity of the light emitted. The light emission is frequently produced at the instant when the sample and the reactant are in contact, and its intensity will depend on the concentration of the reactants.

In the other hand, a new biosensor based on interdigitated electrodes will be designed to detect the electrochemiluminescence of the components in the reaction. The use of this type of electrodes maximizes the area between the working electrode and the counter electrode maximizing, as a result, the sensitivity to the reaction.

Proyect Objectives

  • Analysis of different commercial light detectors and selection of the most suitable alternative.

  • Development of an electronic device and its instrumentation for acquisition and processing of the light detector signal.

  • Assure that the necessary requirements of efficacy and quality for the light detector are met.

  • Selection of materials, geometries and interdigitated area as a function of the specific application for the development of biosensors.

  • Design the fabrication processes in clean room environment.

  • Microstructural characterization of the fabricated devices

  • Integration of the functioning electroluminescent enzymatic principle on the biosensor surface and characterization.

  • Integration of the device in a flow cell and leakage tests.



Sergio Arana

Sergio Arana

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