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Process Guide

Master’s Final Project opportunities at Ceit

What are the benefits of doing your Master’s Final Project (MFP) at CEIT?

Working on an authentically innovative project and on R&D topics that are considered to be a priority for both companies and national and international research programs.

Being under the direct supervision of expert researchers who will guide your work and guarantee its technical quality.

Having the possibility of transitioning to employment involving R&D, either with us or with one of our clients.

Types of compensation

A) 500 €/month

Applicant requirements: average mark >1.4 (depending on the number of exam sittings).

Project type: Applicants will develop their technical knowledge and skills by collaborating on some of the research projects currently being carried out at Ceit.

B) 900 €/month

Applicant requirements: average mark >1.8 (on Tecnun’s marking scale). The applicant’s CV will also be taken into consideration. The applicant must be enrolled in one of the Master’s programs taught at Tecnun.

Project type: Applicants will work on projects that are of particular interest to Ceit due to their importance and future impact, and thus successful applicants are likely to be attached to the research center’s strategic research lines.

C) Unremunerated


The projects last five or six months, depending on the agreement with the Project Director.

Selection process

1. Applicants apply for the projects that are listed on the web page.

2. The person in charge of each MFP posting will run the selection process, which may entail a personal interview or an evaluation of the applicant’s CV and the strengths the applicant can contribute. For all MFP postings of compensation type B, the applicant’s profile will be evaluated from a technical perspective as well as in terms of personal and social competences, which will be determined from the CV and a personal interview.


The period for submitting applications will remain open until the posting is filled.

Documentation to be submitted by applicants:

Full legal name.

MFP start and end date.

Degree(s) held: Undergraduate and Master’s level.

Reference number of the selected MFP(s) (specify as many as desired, in order of preference).

Undergraduate transcript; if applicable, marks earned in the Master’s.

Student ID number, if applicant is a student at the University of Navarra.

If applicant is not a University of Navarra student, then the applicant must supply the agreement between their university and our center which specifies that the student has insurance coverage at their university.

Curriculum Vitae.

Any additional information that may be of interest or relevance.