2nd SmartRacon Workshop

Ceit, San Sebastian 24/11/2020




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General Introduction

Jon Gurrutxaga, Director of Innovation and Internationalization, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

Juan Melendez, Managing Director, CEIT



SmartRacon and actions

Michel Meyer Zu Hörste, DLR



Enhancing railway signalling systems based on train satellite positioning, on-board safe train integrity, formal methods approach and standard interfaces, enhancing Traffic Management System functions

Gianluigi Fontana, Hitachi Rail, coordinator of X2Rail-2 project



TD2.4 - Fail-Safe Train Positioning (including satellite technology)

  • GNSS Radio Frequency Interference in the Railway Environment, Michael Hutchinson, NSL, David Payne, NSL

  • Integrity assessment-oriented performance analysis of a fault-tolerant weighted tightly coupling GNSS/IMU integration, Nourdine Ait Tmazirte, Railenium, Juliette Marais, IFSTTAR, Maan El Badaoui El Najjar, CRIStAL

  • Radiolocalization technologies for on-board positioning, Jon Goya, Jaizki Mendizabal, CEIT



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TD2.4 - Fail-Safe Train Positioning (including satellite technology)

  • Performance evaluation issues for on-board positioning systems, Jon Goya, Jaizki Mendizabal, CEIT

  • Extended method for safety target apportionment for the certification of satellite-based railway localization system – Insaf Sassi, Railenium, Nourdine Ait Tmazirte, Railenium, Julie Beugin, IFSTTAR, Mohamed Sallak, UTC

TD2.5 - On-board Train Integrity

  • On-board Train Integrity: Safety Analysis. Insaf Sassi, Railenium, El-Miloudi El-Koursi, IFSTTAR, Joffrey Clarhaut, UPHF, Dominique Renaux, UPHF



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TD2.5 - On-board Train Integrity

  • OTI functionality simulation based validation –Gorka de Miguel, CEIT

  • Cost Benefit Analysis – Alessa Eckert, DLR

  • Formalising the specifications of Onboard Train Integrity system for verification purposes, Insaf Sassi, Railenium, Mohamed Ghazel, IFSTTAR, El-Miloudi El-Koursi, IFSTTAR



TD2.7 - Formal methods and standardisation for smart signalling systems

  • Test Case Generation for a Level Crossing Controller, Daniel Schwencke, DLR

TD2.9 - Traffic management evolution

  • Decomposition-based integer programming for coordinated train rerouting and rescheduling, Peng Guo, Railenium, Paola Pellegrini, Ifsttar, Joaquin Rodriguez, Ifsttar, Raffaele Pesenti, UCFV

  • Moving Block risk evaluation, Stefanie Schöne, DLR, Michael Meyer-Zu_Hörste, DLR, Mario Alonso, Siemens



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Round table with FM of Shift2Rail

Questions: Feed-back WP leaders X2Rail-2, Prospective vision for academic role on Shif2rail, How to foster innovation by exploiting results from research, position of regional operators and infrastructure managers for innovations

Animation: (to be confirmed)

Participants: Lea Paties (S2R), Adriano Eliseo (Hitachi Rail), Danilo Iovino (Hitachi Rail), Roland Kuhn (Bombardier), Arne Boralv (Trafikverket), Fabio Poli (Hitachi Rail) 



Final Remarks

Jaizki Mendizabal, CEIT



End of 2nd SmartRaCon Workshop